APPSC anyway instead of corrupt engineering departments

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily I would state that the recent demands of JCC regarding conduct of exams for the post of 66 J.E. by RWD and not by APPSC is like a big slap on the faces of aspiring candidates yearning for engineering jobs in this state. This so called union which alleges that they represent the interest of all unemployed engineers of our state is totally bogus.
To clarify the doubt they don’t represent the whole section of unemployed engineers because if they do they would have known that the majority of educated aspiring youth will choose APPSC anytime over corrupt engineering departments of our state. They will choose hard work over using of watsapp during exam time and they will look for valuable knowledge instead of looking for political link for back door entries.
These hard working candidates didn’t pursue their degrees/masters to finally end up in a situation where they have to pay 20-30 lakhs (or more) for a B grade post like JE. Last year, our cabinet headed by CM Pema Khandu finally decided to take some steps to curb out this menace and once in a lifetime we got the chance to witness arguably the boldest/land mark decision by the cabinet to bestow all the monopoly of conducting these JE departmental exams to APPSC.
These has brought smiles to the faces of thousands of aspiring engineering candidates all over the state and was in fact a ray of hope to be able to finally compete fairly after witnessing wrong recruitments, year after year, one after another in the departmental exams.
But these unions are now even obstructing this productive step by stating that they only want the departments to conduct these exams or one time relaxation for these 66 posts as APPSC has long list of pending exams and won’t be able to conduct these exams on time and they are about to cross their age limit. So for their kind information, APPSC has recently published a notice stating that they are going to conduct exam for the rest of the JE posts (PHE & UD) in the month of July.
If they want the exams to be conducted soon, why don’t they call the press conference like they did now and demand for these 66 posts to be included with the rest of the posts? Why do they want only the department to conduct it when AAPSC can conduct it in the month of July? July is next month, how soon they want exams to be conducted? Have they lost their faiths in fair competition? Have they finally accepted that they can’t compete with the younger generations anymore and department is the only way left for them now to get the entry? It really looks suspicious and yes, APPSC is also not perfect. But lets be honest here and admit it that it’s way better than the departments.
An aspiring candidate