Assistant professorship; MA in Education and M.Ed

Dear Editor,
The most difficult task is to accept the reality of the State’s criteria which says- You may have cleared NET (National Eligibility Test for Lectureship) thrice in the same subject, but you are not eligible to sit for an interview for the post of Assistant Professor at the college level.
All the aspirants have read in the UGC norms that M.A. in Education and M.Ed are equivalent degrees and in many States and UTs of India, like that of Orissa and Delhi- it is treated equivalent, indeed there is a preference for candidates with M.Ed degree.
M.Ed is a degree, which a person pursues only after achieving the degree of B.Ed after getting bachelors or Masters degree.
M.Ed and M.A. in Education programme are almost the same. Only difference that exists is the addition of professional Content/Subject matter in M.Ed programme outline. This is one of the important reasons why Department of Education, Rajiv Gandhi University accepts M.Ed holders without M.A. in Education for the post of Assistant professor.
Our applications for the post of assistant professor were rejected by the APPSC officials last time on the ground that we are only professionally trained.
Our objective is clearly not to overthrow the decision made by Commission that “M.Ed holders without the degree of M.A. in Education are not eligible to sit for an interview for the post of Assistant Professor in the College level” but to clear the confusion regarding the two degrees.
While we respect the decision made by the Commission and also keeps the expectation that you will do justice in the coming future- by not mixing the eligibility criteria of these two degrees for their respective posts; Assistant Professor to teach in college level and Assistant Professor to teach, particularly the B.Ed trainees, in the college level.
Geyin Boli,
PhD Scholar
Department of Education,
Rajiv Gandhi University