A new beginning

The historic summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jun Un took place on Tuesday at Singapore. As the whole world watched the live telecast of the event, the two maverick leaders indulged in some personal bonhomie. Mr Trump said he and Kim have developed a very special bond and claimed that talks went better than anybody could have expected. Meeting culminated with the signing of joint agreement by both the leaders. The signed document includes a pledge from Mr Kim to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. However biggest concession was given by US with the announcement of Mr Trump that joint military exercise with South Korea will be put an end.
He spoke language of North Korea by terming the military exercise as provocative. The Singapore summit was certainly historic, but the results are harder to judge. Past US presidents have avoided granting such a meeting without North Korea first making verifiable progress toward dismantlement of their nuclear programmes. Therefore Mr Trump has taken huge gamble by giving prominence to a regime that is accused of serious human right violations. The whole world will be hoping that both US and North Korea takes forward the goodwill of Singapore summit and works towards achieving the goal of ending hostility. The personal relationship now established between Mr Trump and Mr Kim may help to prevent escalation of tension in the Korean peninsula. The test is now whether two countries will be able to use the Singapore summit to work out a long term solution to resolve the conflict between two nations. Going by the past experience it looks difficult but there is no denying that both Mr Trump and Mr Kim has given ray of hope to the international communities.