Students and stipend

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed newspaper, I would like to highlight one ill practice that is going on in the department of education in the district and state level. Many years ago the Secretary Education under instruction from the Chief Secretary had instructed that Direct Beneficiary Transfer of Stipends money to the individual accounts of the students.
Such type of instructions were repeatedly issued but has been ignored by people at the helms in the district and state level. In fact, it has been seen that from the directorate level instructions in written have been given to disburse stipends to students in cash and because of which some districts have started to make payment in cash. It is all the more strange that these district are not like Anini or Kurung Kumey where connectivity or electricity is an issue.
It is pertinent to note that many of the bills submitted by the school incharges are fake and do not reflect the actual enrollment of the students nor accurately depict their photographs. The individual bank accounts of the students are also never furnished for verification and confirmation.
In the light of the above, it is very easy to make a surmise that there is a nexus to siphon public money and to cheat innocent students who are primary school level students.
Therefore, the concerned authorities at the district level and state level are requested to intervene in order to ensure that genuine and bonafide students get the stipend money which the government of our country has sanctioned for them.
It will also stop the district authorities who disburse the amounts from having a cut for themselves in the process of making cash payment.
L.T Anthony
Yada, Raga