‘Sound physical and mental health main components of happiness’

TAWANG, Jun 22: Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche said that sound physical and mental health, free mind and right livelihood are the main components of happiness.
Delivering a talk on the topic ‘ Happiness and Stress Free Life’ at Kalawangpo Hall here on Friday, Rinpoche said that attaining happiness is not possible unless one has perfect view and understanding of the cause of happiness and unhappiness.
He elaborated on the law of cause and effect and said that ones deeds and actions determine ones fate and our happiness depends on the performance of our deeds.
Rinpoche also explained the Acharya Shantideva’s famous quote, “Although wishing to be happy, like an enemy, they ignorantly destroy their own happiness”.
Further, Rinpoche stressed on the Four Noble Truths which leads to greater understanding of the consciousness and said that the path to happiness starts from understanding the root cause of suffering.
Underscoring the importance of the Law of Dependant Origination, Rinpoche accentuated that life is built on a set of relations and there is no permanent sole entity on its own. He reflected on how creating happiness for oneself depends on the happiness of the entire beings around us and it is of utmost importance that we consider everyones welfare.
Rinpoche, an advocate of Gandhian philosophy also highlighted the principles and ideas of the Father of Nation. DIPRO