A father’s role

Aja (Choki Raja)

Who is a father? What role does he have? Is he important for us? Is a mother more important than a father? What sacrifices has he made for us?
I hope ever father is same as my father, abu… papa.
I don’t know the pain my mother took for me during my initial years or the pain my papa has gone through for me during the same period. But I certainly know the pain and problem both (my mom and dad) have gone through. I belong from a typical Nyishi family, and have had five mothers. During my childhood days, my dad was one of the most respected persons of my area as he was the Zilla vice-president then.
My father never had the thought of buying cars, building houses or living a high standard lifestyle. Instead, he invested all his savings in his most precious resource i.e. education of his children. My Father didn’t discriminate between a daughter and son, as he kept all of us in private residential schools since nursery.
It makes me cry from inside; seeing my father wear the same old dress and shoes, which must be at least a decade old. My father had a dream-a dream that my brothers and sisters are trying to fulfil (A dream to see his children cracking the APPSCCE and UPSCE and having respectable jobs). He has spent all his savings and earnings us on. He could have lived a very high standard lifestyle but he saved his money for his children’s education. And we can see the happiness in his eyes, when we get good grades.
We, the children can feel the pain he goes through. He has sacrificed his youth for us; he has sacrificed everything of his for us. The journey he has taken can’t be described in words. From being a servant (house help) of a government official to a zilla vice-president, he saved every single paise for us.
I have noted that in many beauty pageant contests, judges often ask “which job should get the highest salary and why?” Many answer, “mother”.
But I would like to re-define this answer. The highest salary should be given to “parents”. Fathers and mothers have equal importance in our life. Without father, there is vacuum no one can fill and same goes for without mothers; there is a vacuum no one can fill.
The single answer of either a mother or father is very wrong.
We love you papa. We are still very young, but we will make you proud. We won’t let your sacrifice go to waste.