Copy pasted questions

Dear Editor,
I would like to draw kind attention of the general public, of my genuine grievances towards APPSC.
Everyone is aware of 2017 APPSCCE prelims controversy, where most of the question were from different online sources and there were multiples lapse in the paper. But it seem like APPSC did not learn from recent controversy, instead they dig deeper into online sources.
In recently held RFO exam, general knowledge paper, where 80% of the question were from different online sources and candidates are worried about the trend that APPSC is setting. Are they too busy to read and set their own question papers? If yes, then present members of the commission should resign from the post. I am not criticizing the knowledge and intellectual of the present members of the APPSC but of their inability to set their own question.
If any question in the upcoming APPSCCE prelims 2018 are from online sources then commission should reexamine the question as there is one month left to conduct prelims exam, before they run into another fresh controversy. The mistakes committed by the commission are tormenting the candidates.
Lastly, where is the steering committee? I sincerely hope that APPSC will look into my grievances and set their own question papers for the upcoming exams in the near future.