Unite for justice

Dear Editor,
I would like to call out to people of the state for the justice of Late Toko Yame.
There are many pending cases in our state, which is said to be investigated by SIT, and results are equivalent to nil. Examples are murder cases of Late Ngurang Pinch and Toko Yame.
Now, I don’t how the SIT functions or does it really function or not?
But one thing is for sure, the results of SIT aren’t visible to us. I have seen many people, groups, unions fighting against the state govt. or requesting the state govt. to give their cases to CBI, but only very few have been handled to CBI.
Why is the state govt. so stubborn? Why many important cases are not handed to CBI?
It is because, each one of us are busy fighting for ourselves?
Why don’t we people, victims of the state govt. support each other?
No one is dividing us, instead we are dividing ourselves.
We are giving the persons with wrong intention to divide us; they are able to misuse their power because we are divided among ourselves.
People should come out in large number for the Justice of Late Toko Yame as injustice anywhere is a threat everywhere.
If you aren’t able to support Late Toko Yame today, then don’t expect that people will support you tomorrow.
Choki Raja
Former General Secy DNGCSU