An Open Letter to Chief Minister on noise pollution

Dear Editor,
Let me draw your kind attention to the excessive noise pollution created by the central AC system installed in the State Secretariat premises, which needs immediate solution. The system starts off every morning at around 8 am till 8.30 pm at night, making it extremely unbearable for us to have a normal life with its continues loud noise. Being exposed to this high decibel level of sound daily is affecting our health and behavior. Regular exposure to this consistent elevated sound level is causing us hypertension, high stress levels, irritation, headache and also severely triggering my migraine pain. One can only imagine the condition of a person with medical problems who needs rest or the student who want to concentrate and study. The intensity of the noise is so severe that it negatively affects a normal healthy person too. It is tough to understand as why the concern authority is not paying heed over this issue which was raised many times by our other affected neighbors. Complaints lodged against the noise pollution created by the central AC system proved futile .The situation still remains the same.
I wish if our Chief Minister could find a solution for this noise pollution and spare us from the everyday torture. I request you to respect the concerns of your common people and control the noise level of the AC system or you may construct a wall around it to obstruct the sound to at least make it less noisy.
Arti Taggu
A resident of ESS Sector