Monsoon and NH-415

Dear Editor,
Much is talked about the 4-Lanning of NH 415- the work awarded to T.K Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd. And in the name of work- massive earth cutting is done while original drainage/nallah are blocked and left unattended.
Come monsoon – struggle starts for the residents living alongside of NH-415. The only fault of the common residents are- residing alongside the National Highway from longtime.
Heavy rains/drainage water not only erodes away the road but damages the shops/ houses near the main road besides continuous clogging of water has also submerged the lower side of the road resulting damage to the buildings.
A toll free number 1077 (Disaster) appears in news paper & when contacted reluctantly assures to apprise the concerned Agency as this is highway matter. When the rain stops- workers from Agency dumps sand to cover the pot holes only to ensure that the VIPs do feel the bump of their their costly vehicle while travelling.
Is this the solution? Every time the same happens-eroding-filling up! What about the drains blocked and what about the road submerged – diverting the flood water to house/shops and damaging properties? Who is responsible? Who will compensate the losses?
Through this daily-1 request the concerned party to physically visit the area, meet the residents, know their grievances and make out a permanent solution.
After Disaster happens- nothing can compensate the losses.
M.Tsering, Itanagar