Extra charge on withdrawal of amount

Dear Editor,
It is to state that the state Bank of India is a fully customer oriented Bank but is fooling its valuable costumer by imposing extra charge in the name of excess drawal of their own amount in recent fast which has never been happened before .
On 08/06/2018, Rs. 236/- has been deducted from my account for twice excess drawal which indicate that Bank is charging @ Rs. 118 per excess drawal of their own amount which is too much.
In case of students who are in the habit of drawing their amount as per their requirement @ Rs, 200/- or 500/- etc. for more than 5 to 6 times in a month, one can imagine how their condition would be.
The Bank authority and Govt, should not adopt such policy and rules of their wish because the very existence of bank and its progress is completely dependent on customers.
Therefore, I appeal to the bank and Govt to review the case and allow for withdrawal of 5-6 times in a month since digitalized cashless transaction is still not fully possible in Arunachal.
Nabam Khoda,