Awareness against vehicle lifters

Dear Editor,
The rampant vehicle lifting in Arunachal is spreading like a viral disease in the state. Every now and then we get to hear this type of incidents even after getting many criminal arrested.
Since the lifter usually sell it/park in the jungle/use it by removing the number plate, we could keep the following points in mind to curb this nefarious practices up to certain extent; 1.While buying a second hand vehicle, be very clear about the documents, otherwise you might land yourself in the jail for buying a lifted vehicle.
2. When you find any vehicle parked in the jungle for long time without any owner, kindly do a little favour by clicking and circulating it in social media.
3. Observe carefully if you find any old vehicle without a number plate.
It is humble request to the Police department to strictly check the documents on a timely basis in every district of the state.
Dr. Shankar Dawe Rang