Wild elephants stop NH traffic

RUKSIN, Jun 29: Vehicular movement was disrupted for at least an hour on National Highway-15 near the Leku forest beat office in Poba reserve forest (RF) here in East Siang district on Friday morning after a herd of eight wild elephants came onto the road.
The herd blocked the highway for more than an hour and created panic among motorists and passengers. The tuskers also entered into the nearby Leku beat office (Assam) and damaged the windows of the office and ate up rice and salt stocks.
According to the foresters, there is an elephant corridor linking Pora RF, Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal and the Dibru Saikhuwa National Park in Assam across the Siang river, and the herd of pachyderms frequently roam through Poba RF.
The foresters said that the animals, when facing a food crisis, often enter into human habitation in search of food.
It is worth mentioning here that wild elephants enter into the paddy fields of the fringe villages every year and eat the standing crops, incurring heavy losses to the farmers.