The quality of teachers

Dear Editor,
I would like to highlight my experience as student in a government run school. Buildings without solid foundation are bound to collapse likewise students without solid foundation in elementary and middle schools are bound to doom. The problem was the quality and commitment of teachers, a large number of teachers appointed on political grounds could barely make a thorough reading leave writing and teaching.
While in classes 7 and 8 (2007-2009), some teachers particularly the science teacher would show up once in a blue moon and would finish the entire syllabus in 3 weeks time frame provided finishing a chapter or two for half yearly exam. Since the teachers are local of the village who lives in Itanagar, the management of the school were hesitant to ask them to raise their standard.
Coming to this day, those good teachers with potential to mould careers are now in desk jobs and those with tremendous lacking to be respected as a teacher are still in classrooms. I experienced all these in 18-Palin constituency and sadly some of those non-deserving to be respected as a teacher are my own relatives appointed on political grounds. I am sure this is a statewide phenomena.
I would like to request those in authority and influence around the state to try to address this menace in their realm of influence.