The deputy speaker of Arunachal legislative assembly Tumke Bagra has raised a very pertinent issue of people dragging development issues to court. This kind of act hampers the progress of the state. These days’ people go to court movement they lost out while participating in the tender process. Today it has become a fashionable affair to file court case. No doubt citizens have every right to knock the door of court if they feel aggrieved. However it is seen that most of the case are frivolous in nature and are mostly filed to settle political score.
In the process the whole developmental projects gets stalled. It is one of the main reasons for failure of the majority of development projects. One of the prime examples is the Hollongi airport which could not take off due to various court cases. It is unfortunate that people uses the developmental projects to score political brownie points. This kind of practice will only damage the progress of state. Politics should be used for the betterment of state and not for its destruction. Its time everyone introspects and stop the practice of dragging development issues to the court. For the personal benefit of few individuals, others should not be made to suffer. Its time every politician irrespective of parties speaks on this particular issue. They should give awareness to their respective supporters and party workers.