Corruption and the people of Arunachal

Dear Editor,
Corruption in Arunachal has became a new trend of life, the icon of success and those who are left behind are counted as weak and unsuccessful. Starting from personal work to official, political and economical activities everything is engulfed into corrupt practice.
Literally, we breath corruption, we eat corruption, we dream of corruption and finally, we dedicate our whole life to corruption. Our mind doesn’t permit us to think beyond corrupt way, be it in getting admission in schools or colleges or getting job in govt department or promote one business in market.
Everywhere, we need the blessing of corruption to excel in any field. Why we fail to realize that corrupt master give birth to more corrupt followers, so as to establish their legitimacy over corrupt act. Every act that tends to change its original form is termed as corrupt. Thus, here in our state everyone is in race to change what must be there in its original form. Political parties are in a race to install corrupt individual in election by bribing voter with the wealth amassed through corrupt way, student unions are in a race to stay student forever depriving real student to work for students community, government officials are in a race to appease their political bosses by encouraging back door appointments, business communities are in a race to make more profit by adopting unfair business practices and we commoners as a whole are in a race to contribute more to it by remaining silent over the issues. The recent incident of selection of candidates in Science and Technology Department is a living testimony to how far we have come to riding the vehicle of corruption.
I’m not among the candidates but witnessing such corrupt practice in such an open way my heart sink. What is the meaning of hard work and being educated in our state?? Why government is reluctant to recruit ablest and qualified candidate? Why state government is silent over the issues?? Where are those who claim to represent the students body of our state.
Are they not concerned about the fate of deserving candidate? We as a society failed to imbibe the spirit of rationality, equality and justice. My write up here is just a drop of water in the ocean of corruption which may lost somewhere but my conscience will continue it’s journey in finding fresh water.
The saying,” The world suffers a lot, not because the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of the good people” hold true to us.
An Arunachalee