An Open Letter to Governor of Arunachal Pradesh

Dear Editor,
Governor being the guardian of the Indian Constitution can never be a silent spectator when repeated instance of open and blatant violation of the provisions under Article 14 & 16 of the Indian Constitution government employees whose job is to render aid and advise the Government.
Right to Equality before law and Equal Opportunity are Fundamental Rights guaranteed to every Indian citizen and under this very provision exams are conducted by recruiting agencies. But to the utter surprise of every conscious citizen, the exams for the post of District Coordinator conducted by the Department of Science & Technology recently has crossed all tolerable limits of opaqueness, nepotism and favoritisms.
The newspapers have highlighted the ill doing of the Department, the major highlight being that the topper of the exam scoring 97% marks despite there being 4 (four) wrong answer keys, the abnormal high cut off marks of 84% (eighty four percent), rampant and open use of electronic gadgets in the exam hall, faulty advertisement clause, saying that written exam will be followed by interview and most importantly and hilariously the Chairman of the Department who is a political appointee declaring the result in open print media and also deciding the place of posting of the fortunate 12 candidates.
In view of above, remaining silent spectator and allowing things to move in a direction opposite to Narendra Modi’s mantra of transparency, accountability and corruption free Governance by the institutions of Raj Bhawan and for that matter the office of Chief Minister is extremely unfortunate and demoralizing.
Hope, this little effort of mine shall also open eyes of the so called guardian of the interest of the unemployed educated youths of the state namely: AAPSU, ANSU, GSU and AdiSU in particular and leader of the opposition political parties in general in detecting the root cause of such faulty recruitment process.
Stringent action by way of cancellation of the fake exam and re-conduct the same by APPSC (for the time being) and sacking of the irresponsible officials who allowed the mess is the need of the hour. Hope our super active Governor and decisive and visionary youth CM will lose no further time and order immediate delivery of the justice to thousands of youths who came all the way from districts to try their luck and talents but had to return home with disgust, anguish and frustrations.
A Frustrated Aspirant