Questions papers by APPSC

Dear Editor,
The question papers set by APPSC doesn’t at all align with even the basic job profile for which the commission floats vacancy notifications. The recently held exams testify it in the best possible way. Web sources alone forming the major source for the questions in the GK paper with absolutely no regards for the job profile for which the aspirants take the exams. Questions from RFO & AE Civil GK papers appeared in the GK paper of AAO.
Current Affairs questions dated back to 2015, so current affairs is important from commission’s point of view, only if it is back dated.
The rationale for picking questions from some previously held exams to ease out their load doesn’t make it any better for the aspirants, let alone the web sources.
The commission can look around and see it for itself, there are numerous other competitive exams that can help them learn. Going forward, the commission may put up a list of probable sites that the students can refer, to be better prepared because reading books doesn’t serve any purpose.
And if the load is so heavy then kindly conduct one single exam for all the job vacancies and later the commission can segregate the selected candidates as per the required job profile because picking questions from one or more exams, for some other exam makes no difference. It will help us too.
An aspirant