IG Park and garbage

Dear Editor,
I would like to highlight the state that Indira Gandhi Park is suffering from. Numerous programs and concerts are held from time to time, people regularly visit the park for exercising and picnics and what not, but little attention is paid at the proper disposal of the garbage that is produced after all these activities.
The streams that could easily be used as an attraction are clogged with plastic bags, there is a big dump of waste near the main field providing breeding ground for various disease bearing mosquitoes, no proper drainage system and no dustbins.
Keeping all these things in mind, our group of 10 students decided to conduct cleanliness drive on our own. We collected as much garbage as we could in thrash bags and disposed it- number one waste being mineral water bottle-caps, glass bottles and chips packets.
However, the amount of garbage that we saw was overwhelming and mere commoners like us could not clean the park completely.
Proper steps by the authorities are required as soon as possible and we would also like to request our citizens to maintain our public properties. Government cannot be blamed for every little thing that happens to us.
Change can only come when we, as a society, come together and take part. In only two days we collected about 10 bags of garbage. Imagine how long it would take if each day one individual comes forward and decides to just pick garbage.
An Arunachalee