Everybody has different talent

Dear Editor,
According to 2012-suicide census, suicide rate of Arunachal per lakh is 10.3 which means in a year 175 people commit suicide in the state.
It is very alarming, considering the fact that Arunachal Pradesh has only 17 lakhs population approximately.
I want to write to all the parents and my students friends that, failing in Examination isn’t the end and scoring bad marks is not the end.
Everybody has different talent. Some are born to be Chief Ministers, public leaders, teachers, officers, businessmen while some will become artist, social activists, sportspersons and inventors.
You should encourage your children in the field he/she is good at. Don’t force him/her till the point that he/she commits suicide.
Your child’s life is more important than anything in this world. Today he/she may fail tomorrow he/she may succeed.
Let your child excel according to his/her talent. Had Tamman Gamnu’s parents stopped him then today Arunachal would have lost one of its best dancers.
Choki Raja