Lack of infrastructure in THRIMS

Dear Editor,
There is a lack in hospital infrastructure. There are lots of things to be improved. There is lack of CT scan and Dialysis machines etc.
During my small research on our hospital`s nephrology department, I found out that there are about three dialysis machines, but only 2 are functional.
But people are reluctant to use those machines even though there are talented and respected technicians because patients have to buy their own medicines from outside the medical campus, from some private hospitals which is costly for them.
There is regular blood test before the dialysis process making it costly and terrible for patients with low hemoglobin count.
The process of blood tests is slow.
Lot of patients from Assam and various districts of our state come to the hospital for dialysis but they are disheartened by the lack of facilities.
Because of the lack of the hospital facilities, doctors advise the patients to go outside the state for treatment which takes a toll on the financial health of the people.
Due to lack of infrastructure and technology, sick are getting sicker. I hope that government will provide better facilities in the days to come.
A citizen