An impossible target set by Chief Minister

Dear Editor,
This article is in reference to the statement made by Chief Minister on 12th July, 2018 that the state government will achieve 100% electrification of all households in the state by 31st Dec this year. The statement bears no evidence or meaning at all. There are more than 100 villages to be electrified and the time limit given by the Chief Minister is totally impossible.
I would like to mention that many villages in Passa valley and Papu valley within the jurisdiction of 12th Pakke Kessang Assembly constituency in East Kameng district is still living in darkness even after 70 years of India’s independence.
And there is no sign of works being carried out in the area so far to electrify those villages at present. Then, how come our Chief Minister claims to electrify all villages completely by 2018? Is it a joke? Thus, 100% electrification in the whole state within this year is unmanageable and impossible.
But the people there in the villages are still very optimistic and living happily hoping that one day or the other they would witness their villages being electrified and would connect to the rest of the world through television and internet. There are so many untold stories in other interior parts of the state.
Therefore, instead of collecting gross data and false claims before the media and the public that all the households will be electrified within this year, the state government should monitor the matter closely and come to the ground to know the facts and at the same time, the Government should direct the District Administrations to furnish the genuine data and eventually direct them to expedite the works so that if not by the end of this year but at least by the next year the target given by the government is fully achieved.
Just imagine, how difficult it is to spend a single day without electricity in the town. So, think of those villagers who are yet to realize the importance of electricity in their lives.
Thaddeus Techi