An open letter to CM

Dear Editor,
As you are aware, the preliminary examination for the APPSC is going to be conducted on July 29. Many of us have worked hard for more than a year in preparation for this exam; some have sacrificed great personal emergencies in hope of cracking the exam. There is a great hope among candidates that the exam will be conducted with fairness.
However, one worry on everyone’s mind is the use of mobile phones. There were rumours of use of mobile phones in certain exam centres during last year’s November fiasco.
There are of course mobile jammers in certain exam centers in the capital however not all the centres have them. Moreover, we all know how understaffed the Arunachal Pradesh Service Commission is. It will be impossible to impose the same kind of strictness in all the centres.
Therefore, I request you to block mobile internet connections on the day of the exam. It does not have to be a 24 hour ban, a 9 hour ban will suffice. It will be a little inconvenient for the public but i believe staying away from facebook or youtube for 9 hours won’t kill anyone.
Rajasthan recently conducted their state police constable exams and imposed a ban for two days. This ban completely eliminates the one thing all sincere and hardworking candidates are afraid of-Google.
In your speeches you have always laid emphasis on the youth. Here is a chance to prove to the people of Arunachal that you care and that it’s just not words.
I write with hope that our voices will be heard. Now, we will wait and watch.
John Matbing Jamoh
Mirku village