TAH scam

Dear Editor,
This is regarding Joram to Koloriang road (20km-50km)TAH scam under Lower Subansiri District.
Well, we would say, the multi crore Compensation scam on Joram to koloriang is the failure of the BJP govt.
There have been several hue and cries by the land affected people by forming an association called land affected peoples forum.
Beneficiaries were underestimated by the Govt. Officials which led to the unanticipated situation resulting in delay of the TAH construction.
The very first Detailed Project Report amounting to Rs.40 crores approx was prepared with proper and concrete estimation of specified beneficiaries but it was known that the beneficiaries list included remarkably large numbers of fake beneficiaries.
It was also known that few Govt. Officials were included in siphoning a part of compensation amount through fraudulent deeds.
The state Govt. took an initiation on this matter and formed a committee called Fact finding committee (FFC) with an objective to examine the irregularities in payment of compensation of the J-K (20 to 50 Km) road and to recheck the compensation payment exceeding Rs. 10 lakhs but the FFC took a reverse duties and conducted realignment, re-assessment of the said beneficiaries lands thus decreasing the compensation amount of every land affected peoples.
Simultaneously, FFC seized large no. of fake beneficiaries but never revealed it to the public till date. Surprisingly, Fact finding committee has turned into Fake finding committee.
We do appreciate the SIC team for the arrests but at some part we felt there has been anomalies.
The recent arrest of former DC Kemo Lollen, DLSRO Bharat Lingu and a legitimate compensation beneficiary Likha Maj is a crystal clear picture of partial arrest while few other Govt officials like Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer were freed.
We doubt there is a political conspiracy.
The Arunachal Pradesh Congress committee (APCC) had alleged Likha Sayaa MLA 16th Yachuli Constituency, Tage Taki MLA ziro constituency and Tamar Murtem MLA Raga constituency for their involvement in compensation case.
MLA’s are expected to oversee and monitor all the programmes and schemes that the executive implements. This does not mean that they merely sit on committees approving beneficiary lists and houses and determining how local area development funds are spent. They are expected to ensure that the executive branch of the government does its job responsibly, responsively, transparently, impartially and in line with the decisions taken by the political executive.
Many queries revolve around the mind of denizens of the Yachuli constituency.
The need of the hour is that BJP Govt needs to assure the denizens of Yachuli constituency.