Thank you, Chief Minister

Dear Editor,
Achi Dopum Welfare Society” and the “Achi Dopum United Youth Federation ” are very much enthused to write to express our profound gratitude to you for meeting us on 12th Jul’ 2018 and considering our grievances.
We very much appreciate your grateful concern of approving our final memorandum submitted and transferring the Death Case of our Brother Lt. Ngurang Pinch ‘, to the Central Bureau Investigation (CBI).
Therefore, we would also like to state that, all the arrangements you made to expedite the investigation of the case and unearth the truth behind the mysterious and sudden demise of Lt. Ngurang Pinch helped greatly to mitigate the aggrieved family.
Please permit us to once again say that, we shall never forget this act of your kindness that you have extended towards us.
Achi Dopum Welfare Society,
Achi Dopum United Youth Federation