Too short a time

Dear Editor,
We should be attracted to hear parliamentary debate to make our democracy more meaningful. The most Sacred Temple of democratic India ought to be our Parliament and the most Holy Book should undoubtedly be our Constitution.
Unfortunately, we tend to forget that democracy cannot survive without healthy parliamentary debate. Such debate and discussion are necessary not only to make the electorate politically conscious but also to make the Members of Parliament accountable to the voters.
The debate on no-confidence motion in the Parliament along with its live telecast has generated interest among the electorate. Such interest is a must for the vivacity of our democracy. This monsoon session of Parliament has brought a refreshing drizzle after days of drought in vox pop in our Parliament. But this drizzle could have been turned into a much needed rain for two consecutive days. It would be better if two days had been allotted instead of a single day for the debate on no-confidence motion as there were instances of Parliament sitting on Saturdays.
Sujit De,