Commision and its credibility

Dear Editor,
Taking into consideration the failure of the commission in conducting the prelims, it has become undeniably difficult to accept its credibility. No point in mentioning what went wrong this time, as every aspirant is aware of the lapses. Optional paper based discrepancies bothering all the concerned exam takers.
Thousands of serious and aspiring aspirants have come a long way to give it all that one has in order secure a decent govt job. Most of us had to go through a rough time to convince ourselves that the sacrifices we make now will give us a positive result.
Financial constraints, age factor, family are just some of the issues that we had to deal with.
The commission only takes pride in conducting the prelims with no malpractices taking place with huge no of security personnel and disabled internet.
Let me remind the commission that a major chunk of the lot that got through the prelims in 2013 were actually hard working aspirants. You don’t have to pat yourself for disabling the internet and deploying security personnel, you are not conducting the exam in some ISIS state anyways.
Not allowing analog watches, car & bike keys and even water bottles, gives them a sense that the exam is being conducted in the best possible way.
The commission lost its basic focus in preparing the optional based question papers in line with the syllabus and content which it proudly circulates. And the General Studies paper will probably be the least, i repeat the least standard GS paper till date. It’s a testimony to your incredibility.
Now again, a group of aspirants have come knocking at your good old door with their grievances. Who do you listen to? What can we expect? Grace marks or a rescheduled prelims in the near future?
I am saying this straight, the members who run the show have become totally obsolete in terms of their experience, knowledge and wisdom (If they have any). Just put down your paper and go home. At the end of the day, it will be the same old commission wasting everyone’s time, energy and money.
An Aspirant