Decalre result soon

Dear Editor,
This was the second time I appeared for APPSCCE prelims and as a serious aspirant, I did good this time too.
But from various corners we are hearing complains so I want to put forward my views.
Member of Commission should be courageous enough to take stand otherwise step down from your position and let someone bold enough take the position. How can you let few aspirants manipulate your decision?
There are almost 12000+ aspirants and number of vacancies this time is around 100+, so it’s obvious that remaining 11900+ will have endless reasons to defer the exam.
There are around 28 optional papers prescribed by the state commission, its practically not possible to satisfy all.
Some aspirants are crossing the eligible age due to continuous deferring of examination. Who will compensate them?
Commission is becoming the laughing stock and I am afraid it will win Guiness book of world record for stretching a exam for so long.
Beside this, the expenditure involved in appearing prelims again and again is unbearable for many poor candidates.
Large number of aspirants did not sit for the prelims on 29th July, and if the commission defer it again, there will be further reduction in number. And the reason is not hidden.
So, i just want the Commission to declare the result without further delay for the greater interest of the state and reputation of the commission.