Mend Potin-Hoj road

Dear Editor,
We would like to draw the kind attention of public authorities, specially the MLAs, Chief minister, the Highway authorities of our state regarding the pathetic condition of Potin – Hoj road.
The problems in/ via this road has become everlasting as the concerned authorities are not ready to take up permanent solution. They simply clean the road when it is heavily blocked but never made a policy to construct proper drainage, steps to divert muddy running water.
The biggest problem always happens at the so called “Kala Matti” at Hoj whereas this is the busiest road and vehicles from at least six districts runs via it.
Many of the cars, small or big get damaged every day and who will pay for them? And if not, where are the crores of money funded by the central Govt for the construction and maintenance of this road.
So, it is a humble request to the concerned authorities to take perfect measure to relieve us from the above-mentioned problems, otherwise the filing of PIL will be the ultimate solution.
A Group of Citizens trapped at Kala Matti