Unbearable slowness of TAH

Dear Editor,
In the issue of the 1st August 18, Tongam Rina had rightly pointed out the unbearable slowness of the construction of the TAH which has caused miserable condition for the users.
Eight years back when the construction of TAH in between Changlang and Jairampur via Manmao was not started, although the road was narrow, still commuters were comfortable and now after haphazard and unplanned earth work on the road had made lives miserable. People are innocently bearing the harassment. Seeing the condition, I remember one proverb in Bengali – “Chere dao Ma, kende basi” means “Leave me Mother, I will live with sufferings”.
From Jairampur to Manmao, the road construction is completed hardly by 30% and from Manmao to Changlang rather had damaged the road in the name of construction and people cannot walk even during rains. None is thinking about the only college of the Changlang district, which is located on this road. Due to the deplored road condition, the condition of the college is miserable and also that of the other schools.
Arup Kumar Choudhury