Hold exams

Dear Editor,
I may draw the attention of Governor, CM Pema Khandu and Chairman APPSC that it has been more than a year, that various posts were advertised by the commission but still there is no clue when the examinations are going to be conducted.
We had approached the Commission office many times to enquire about the same, but all in vain. Now aspirants are running out of time and patience and we can’t wait anymore and the commission seems to be in no hurry in conducting the exams.
Therefore, we are drawing your attention to look in this matter, for which we would be grateful to you.
They say “Pen is mightier than sword” so we are also appealing this daily to become our voice as aspirants are in lot of distress.
The various posts and date of their publication are given below.
1. Post of Jt. BDO, dated: -10th January 2017
2. Post of EO and EI, dated: – 6th April 2017
3. Post of JSA/LDC, dated: – 4th July 2017
Aspiring Candidates