Not begging for grace marks

Dear Editor,
With due respect it is to inform and counter the APPSC’s hasty decision to declare the results without looking into the matters of the recently conducted APPSCCE Papers.
Recently the examination was re-held because the sociology and Public Administration aspirants complained of copy pasting from a Pakistani website followed by massive hue and cry.
Similarly in this recently held examination, 67 questions of Geography were copy pasted from UGC NET June 2014.
And mind you, that if converted is not less than 134 marks. And I am sure that is enough for an aspirant to clear the second paper. Many are complaining that why for a small section of Geography students, the exam should be re-conducted. Then my counter point is, for the very reason this very small section of people patiently supported the re-conduct when it found this breach of trust by APPSC in the earlier examination.
So, it is not that we are hungry for this grace marks for even if we qualify from it, it will always be looked down upon as grace marks. What we are actually asking is why? And this why questions the breach of trust of the students who believed that the same mistake of copy pasting for which there was re-conduct should not have occurred twice.
And those that are saying they studied NET papers for preparation is a clear indication of the group that did not actually trust APPSC.
So, it seems those that believed turned out to become losers in this situation. In regard to the 67 questions which were shamelessly copy pasted from one single site of UGC NET June 2014, my humble opinion is this was supposed to be an examination for recruitment of administrative officers, not for assistant professors. If so, then why this examination? Better consider the NET qualifiers as direct candidates, who happen to be post graduates and why graduates to apply for this exam allow. Why?
An Aspirant