Give us enough time to prepare for mains

Dear Editor,
After successful conduct of APPSCCE (Prilms) 2017, now commission is planning to conduct mains exam in the month of October, as per news report. But, APPSC should understand that, after UPSC civil service exam, state public civil service exam is the toughest exam in the country. And syllabuses of both commissions are almost same.
So , within two months of time period , it would be almost impossible to prepare eight papers for main exam. At least, 4-5 months time must be given for main exam, as has been given by APPSC so far.
Even if main exam is conducted in the month of October, it would not be possible for commission to declare final result before the basic training of Dy.SP in the month of February. Because to check eight papers of each candidate of 1263 candidates, commission will take 4-5 months and another a month for viva-voice.
Any serious, candidate would not be ready to have said exam within two months ,after the declaration of prelims result.
I am 35 and this is my last APPSCCE, hence me and my age group candidates wants to give our last efforts which is not possible within two months.
Therefore, I appeal to commission to give us at least 4-5 months for preparation of mentioned exam. And also would like to appeal to my younger friends to not put pressure on commission for holding of mains exam within two months. Our younger friends will get lots of chance to appear in this exam, but this is our last fight!
A candidate