School to improve academic environment

KIYIT, Aug 9: The government secondary school here in East Siang district has resolved to improve the overall academic environment of the school, with emphasis on strict implementation of school rules and regulations.
During a Parents-Teachers Association meeting on Tuesday, it was decided that the students would have to have a compulsory attendance of 75 percent to qualify to sit in the examinations.
Other resolutions included implementation of detention policy; ban on use of cell phones by students in the school campus; maintenance of teachers’ diary recording students’ behaviour; and imposition of fine and punishment, including rustication, for irregularities in class.
Headmaster Abong Lego informed parents about various schemes like stipend, Vidya scheme, sanitary napkin, etc, while School Management Committee (SMC) chairman Lining Pertin urged teachers, students and parents to comply with the rules and regulations framed by the SMC for further improvement of the school.
The school has been adopted by Mebo MLA Lombo Tayeng.