CMAAY, an ambitious yet promising scheme

Dear Editor,
Come 72nd Independence day, whole Arunachal will witness the launch of most promising Health Insurance scheme for denizens of Arunachal–CMAAY -Chief Minister Arogya Arunachal Yojna -which emphasize on free and cashless Health Insurance upto 5 lakh /family per annum.
CMAAY -a subset of AB-NHPM primarily will cover all APST and some Non APST (with RC) who were left out under-Ayushman Bharat.
Per se AB-NHPM due to SECC survey done in 2011 didn’t cover most of the APSTs due to standard guidelines of selection and operation process.
But under the flagship of Chief Minister Pema Khandu led Government -CMAAY promises to capture all left out denizens of the state under this big ambitious yet promising scheme so that denizens do not suffer due to financial constraints.
CMAAY promises to give cover around 5 lakh per family per annum. A well defined bucketing of packages -1 lakh for secondary and 4 lakh for tertiary treatment is a well designed beneficiary friendly bucketing to check forged and inflated medical bills.
With introduction of AROGYAMITRA -or simply CMAAY guide in all empanelled Hospitals as per patient load to oversee unidirectional flow of services, right from enrollment to admission to selection of packages to discharge and follow up and redressal makes CMAAY even more promising and user friendly.
District Coordinators (MSP) in all districts will look after the enrollment and verification of beneficiaries .CMAAY -have introduced New mode of enrolment under the scheme to get maximum output.
CMAAY have developed website and Mobile aap wherein denizens get enrolled in couple of minutes by following the instructions. CMAAY promises dynamic, ADHAAR based enrollment process wherein beneficiaries can get themselves enrolled at the time of 1st hospital visit -provided related documents are available at that time.
Armed with CMAAY Panel from and within the State Health Department and experienced TPA, 24×7 state based call centre -CMAAY promises to give new lease of life to all the beneficiaries.
The panel promises to empanel multispecialty hospitals for tertiary procedures outside the state in phasewise manner for maximum output and benefits.
The main issue is-whether the Govt Hospitals -Zonal /General/District Hospitals and CHCs are well equipped to deliver quality service with the existing HR, infrastructure and consumables ?
Well, I am sure CMAAY Panel is aware of it and will overcome all hurdles before the physical roll out.
Dr K Jonnom
FRU Ruksin