The patience of Arunachalees

Dear Editor,
Having lived most of my life outside our state as a proud Arunachalee, I was really taken aback when I came back home. I am awestruck at the tolerant and patience that our people possess in some fields. But only outside our state does their patience run out.
If you cannot describe your state to a stranger then I don’t know what else you can do properly. I have never had a quarrel because of the colour of my skin or the place I belong because I had the patience to explain to them about my beloved state.
First thing first, the schools in South India have 1 chapter comprising of 3-5 pages on the whole of northeast. So how can you blame them for not knowing the northeast? If you all think not knowing where Arunachal Pradesh is, is racist then I think calling all the south Indians – Madrasi is too on the same level, calling North Indians – Bihari in a derogatory way is racist too, so is the various terms used by people to describe the non Arunachalees. After all what have we done as a state that everybody should know us?
The things that take place in our state is really mesmerizing in its own way.
A major blunder by an institute such as the APPSC has been ignored instead of holding its members accountable. Had it been in other state, heads would have rolled. But what leniency our state shows to its children.
The conditions of roads are in such miserable condition. In fact potholes aren’t in roads but the other way around, quite literally. And here too the Contractors, the king makers of our state are subjected to such leniency that even though their constructed roads don’t last a single monsoon.
To the SSA teachers asking for regularisation. I am a nobody but yet I know job security is a phenomenal satisfaction to have but when I was a student, I remember I was punished for not completing my homework even if I told my teachers that there was no light or that I was sick or any genuine reasons. From that experience, I learned that whatever be the cause, my prime job was to complete my work properly only then did I receive my teacher’s accolades. So I believe the government expects the same from you. Show your good results and gain public support too. But as per reports Arunachal Pradesh has one of the lowest literacy rate in India and results of our state in board exams is evidence of your perseverance! Hope you all learned teachers get the point. I have personally encountered, so many SSA teachers who have remained out of station all the time.
There are so many points to arise but as in the words of Hiromu Arakawa, ‘Nothing’s perfect, the world’s not perfect. But it’s there for us, trying the best it can; that’s what makes it damn beautiful.’
If only we could do our part properly.
A still proud Arunachalee