Regularize only those with required qualification

Dear Editor,
Nelson Mandela once said that Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.
Therefore, education must be kept on top priority as it stimulates development of young minds to achieve greater heights.
The recent news about regularising of 400 SSA teachers is commendable but the very “reputed” education department must ensure that only those teacher who have the required qualification be regularised.
Those who are 3rd class pass and have not even qualified APTET should not be regularised or even be in the service.
In the eyes of common folks majority of the SSA teachers are lazy and regular absentees as many of them are staying in the capital rather than in their posting places. But it must be mentioned that this is not true for all.
It is also requested of the APPSC to start the recruitment process for TGT and PGT as early as possible before the commencement of the new session. The commission must also ensure that the questions Papers are “controversy free” and that proper document verification is done which conforms to the laid down norms.
Example of Bihar can be taken whereby the state government dismissed more than 3000 teachers with forged document in 2015.
The State Education department must also check for such anomalies. Some cue must be taken from the recently conducted APPSC Examination whereby internet connectivity was shut down during examination hour because it was seen in the last recruitment examination conducted by the education department that candidates had access to mobile yet the invigilator cared little.
Observant citizen