Great excuse

Dear Editor,
I would like ask APPSCC how a second list of qualified candidates came out.
I have no offence against those who are qualified but surprise how careless APSCC can be. Why such blunder?
If you cannot perform your duty honestly just resign. Why play with the lives of aspiring candidates? I need answer for the following question.
We all know that 1200 candidates were declared eligible but with the coming of the second list, it means at the first they have not checked all the papers and if so on what basis they issued the second list?
Why instead of cut-offs and grace marks, names of 76 candidates came out?
Those who cleared prelims, don’t be happy as its still a long process and the same carelessness will go on.
They have made mistakes only in geography set C.
What surety will you give to the other candidates that you have not made such blunder in other papers?
If the geography set C candidates would have not found out, APPSCC would have ever acted?
Besides, the great excuse “human error.”
frustrated candidate