No encouragement from Tirap MLAs

Dear Editor,
Finally the most reputed, toughest and controversial APPSCCE (preliminary) exam is over.
Though the examination was conducted smoothly it still had some hues and cries regarding the result which is finally sorted out.
I personally have sidelined myself from expecting the commission to conduct an examination free of errors and discrepancies, though the anticipation of a smooth mains examination is expected.
With the results of APPSCCE(prelims) being declared, many MLA’s, public leaders of various organizations etc have come forward encouraging the qualified aspirants with financial help in order to admit themselves (ASPIRANTS) in various coaching institutes.
Financial help at this point is an important factor as many of the aspirants are from humble backgrounds, though wanting ourselves to churn by admitting in the reputed institutes, we fail to do so as the fees are too high.
No wonder why there has been a negligible number of APCS and APPS officers from Tirap district; one factor is the insurgency problem, the 2nd is the Drugs menace, the third is the lack of awareness, encouragement and competition.
These all are true as per my experience, though the first two factors will take a longer duration , the third factor can be boost up in a short period of time with the introduction of mega programmes on career counseling and so on.
The local MlLA’s should learn to engage themselves more actively and should walk parallel with the rest of MLA’s from different constituencies. This way an initiative can be taken up to help the aspirants, nurture them and to further bring positive results.
Though some MLA”s have come forward to financially help the aspirants from their constituencies, the structure of the financial help seems illogical, and may be the reason behind the illogical placement of rewards is also due the lack of knowledge regarding the exam. For instance an MLA from Tirap district has announced a financial reward for the prelims qualifiers as such;
1) If prelims qualified- rs 10000 to be awarded.
2) if mains qualified- rs 50000 to be awarded
3) if viva qualified- rs 1 lakh to be awarded.
Now many who knows why a financial award is being given after qualifying prelims in both UPSC and State PCS, will laugh by seeing the structure of the award.
As the financial reward is in a form of help to acquire all the needs of an aspirant regarding the exam, be it books, coaching, study materials, the aforesaid is purely the result of lack of awareness as we all know this exam cannot be qualified keeping in mind the financial goal which is manifested above. The amount rewarded after qualifying mains and viva is illogical.
If Tirap wants to walk parallel with the rest of Arunachal, the leaders and the society itself needs to come forward and encourage the youths in various ways so that they don’t get trapped between insurgency and drugs.
With that being, the leaders and elders of the community also needs to educate themselves in the field of awareness and also should try to find a proper mechanism to push the younger generation in a positive direction.
A prelims qualified aspirant from Tirap