APPSC’s glaring errors

Dear Editor,
The APPSC recently released second list of result of prelims qualifying candidates citing technical errors along with some human errors. This has really filled the brains of aspiring candidates with doubt and anguish. As one of the aspirant I want to ask the commission the following questions:-
1. Is there any more error left for the system?? Isn’t your so called Technical error the biggest of all?
2. Is there a greater error than the technical error in such exams where answer sheets are examined technically?
3. Was the error only in Set C of Geography? What about other papers?
4. If there can be a technical error in Geography, why and how can we expect others optional to be fault free and Ok?
5. You have openly accepted the fault within the system and the machine by suddenly declaring a second list of Result. Will the commission ponder on it and accept the possibility of same defects in other subjects too? Will the commission scrap the result?
6. The previous exam was cancelled mainly because of human error. This time it is bigger. There cannot be a greater error than technical error. Will the commission re-conduct the exam again to give equal fair play to all??
If you still treat the Technical error as a single error, then you must also know you are putting future of many serious candidates at stake.
After openly accepting the fault in the machine, you have made us doubt about the standard of the APPSC and the credibility of those qualified candidates.
It also aches my heart to see our renowned social worker, leaders, officers, elders and professors especially those who were in steering committee last year keeping mum on these issues. When will they speak up? I want to ask them what is more serious social issues than this one? It should not be forgotten that APPSC recruits society builders.
For the commission, the re-conduct is the best possible thing they can do if they really wants to encourage serious and deserving candidates to be the torch bearer of the society.
And lastly the commission must note that technical error is not a small error.
Aggrieved Candidate