Let’s not ritualise the culture of unwarranted criticisms

Dear Editor,
With due respect to all so-called ‘Deprived candidates’;I am confused by your obtusely constructed rigmaroles and the harangues. My points:
1. I don’t understand your concern. I understand that there was an error, but APPSC rectified it proactively and tried to do self-rectification; which should also be counted as a big step toward reformation. Is that wrong?
2. Is it correct to lampoon APPSC for even correcting itself and publishing the second result which did justice to 76 candidates?
3. What is this UG/PG level? If one is through with the concept they can address any question. This is an utterly spurious claim.
4. If we look at everything through the lens of suspicion, we will see fault in everything. Doing self-correction doesn’t mean that the entire system is at fault or the entire process is wrong.
5. If we are confident of ourselves, we should start our preparation for UPSC exam or another higher exam and clear it. Instead of creating a fuss with our inanities.
6. A proclivity towards negative things will make us negative. ‘Trust deficit’ may have occurred I understand, but not so large that it cannot be mended. I believe it has been amicably solved by the institution. Also, ‘to trust is human’.
Re-conducting exam for the ‘’technical error’s” which is resolved, based on self-constructed conjectures by few, would be an injustice to the entire community of hard working candidates. We don’t chop the head to cure our headache.
Let’s stop being the saboteurs and not let our diffidence turn into dissent. Let’s work towards the smooth conduct of the next stage instead of creating roadblocks for our selfish ends. Let’s not stymied the hard work of thousands of candidates.
Re-exam is just like a nostrum and it won’t change anything. Let’s not ritualise the culture of unwarranted criticism.
Ritalin, Guwahati