Mushrooming Universities, lacking quality education

Dear Editor,
In last 5-6 years, our State has started producing great numbers of graduates, but unfortunately, not so great graduates. Yes, a part of blame obviously lies on We the Students. Nevertheless a share of pie lies with the Education ministry and the concerned money siphoning Universities. The education department is only interested in granting the establishment of Private Universities, and does turn a blind eye towards the quality of education.
If education ministry is supposed to be for the better education, then please, be for better education, and not be a party to our bitter experience in education.
Those people running Universities in our State had also tried running Universities in other States too, sometimes failing, but financially they are profiting even in those failed schools of education. The inevitable closure of those centres does no harm to their motives.
It’s a request on part of the students to the education minister of our State to look to our plight too.
Please do ensure that departments run by the Universities should have adequate teaching staff. We are failing despite our request to concerned authorities in availing the adequacy. I hope for once, that the education ministry will do surprise checking in Universities and have a look at each department. Also we hope they will take note of aggrieved students herein.
Please don’t come to inaugurate buildings, for buildings won’t shape our State, education will.
I withheld my name for fear of being prejudiced and charged with exorbitant fees on hundreds of grounds by my University.
Anguished Student