After all the human errors

Dear Editor,
There was an article in the readers forum dated 25th August in which the author heaped praise on the APPSC and gave six points to address his/her issue with the deprived candidates.
Well, all those six points were utterly unjustified to me.
The first and second points were regarding the rectification made by APPSC. But why was there an error in the first place? Due to this so called rectification, the numbers of candidates to appear in the mains examination have increased.
There is supposed to be a ratio of candidates per seat which has now been compromised. Time and again, APPSC has been making these mistakes but how long can candidates succumb to their wrongdoings?
The second point was “What is UG/PG level?” This point made by the author was the funniest. Well, in UG, basic understandings of subjects are made whereas in PG, a student studies a specific subject from the courses he/she undertook in his/her UG studies. Be it UPSC or any state civil service exam, the exam is open to all graduates, focus on “graduate”. So, the questions are supposed to be of undergraduate level.
No-one is looking through lenses of suspicion. Everything is out in the open and even the officials at APPSC know about it.
UPSC altogether is at different level and nobody is creating a fuss with no reason. There is a valid reason for the anger of students and it needs to be addressed big time!
Trust deficit has certainly occurred and all those Dharnas and protests are being organised so that the commission takes some rightful steps to make amends to candidates.
Finally, I agree that re-conducting exam at this stage is not logical. However, re-evaluation of all papers should be done because not only geography, but the sociology paper also had anomalies and so did the papers of commerce, civil engineering. The cut off marks should also be released. The commission can at least do this much for the candidates after all the so called human errors.
A frustrated candidate