Greed of the people

Dear Editor,
I live in Tezu, the headquarter of Lohit. I’ve seen in all these years how hard it is to grow and prosper being the last frontier of our beloved country. And when our people start looting the government, then there’s no going in the forward direction of development.
Recently the old dilapidated road connecting Chongkham to Wakro (Lohit and partly Namsai) was pitched and turned into one- lane road. Almost entire of the road side was green, with vegetation and trees. It felt nice to drive the stretch. But now, two days ago when I visited the place, I’ve seen that the trees have been cut down, small sapling have been planted right on the sides of the road, boundaries and fencings have been set up.
When I enquired about the incident through local relatives and peoples, they told me that a verification of the road and the en-catchment area is about to be done by the government to build a two- lane highway and any of the persons whose land or area falls into the vicinity of the road, they would get compensation from the government which amounts to many a times more than what they have spent on the plantation or constructions.
Vast portion of land has been cleared; trees have been cut at a frantic pace, and all that because of the greed of the people.
Now the question arises, how the people of the area came to know about the dates of the verification?
Some officials might be involved here too. The concerned areas DC must take appropriate action regarding these.
Any construction and any plantation on the sidelines of the road that might have taken place within a month should be placed outside of the compensation ground.
This road is for the benefit of the peoples of the area, and not for anyone else. They should donate the small piece of land for this cause, but they are engaged in practice which I don’t think shames them.
They don’t have a right to eat- up the hard earned tax payer’s money and fill their pockets.
A citizen