Candidate opposes demand for re-conducting APPSCCE

[ Nellie Manpoong ]
ITANAGAR, Aug 26: After the constant accusations of anomalies against the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) by aggrieved candidates, a commerce candidate who cleared the preliminaries of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined Competitive Examination (APPSCCE) is one of the first to object to the unrelenting demand for fresh examinations.
“I am totally against fresh examination. I have no energy left and have no time to give the exam for the third time,” he said in a statement, and appealed to the commission and the agitating students to come to any other logical solution apart from fresh examinations.
He said he too had issues with the questions as most of them were out of the syllabus, and that he and another student had approached the APPSC secretary on 30 July with their grievances.
On 31 July, the duo also advertised a notice asking commerce candidates to come forward to discuss the issue, but, he said, only one person turned up.
On 2 August, the trio met the secretary, who informed that the commission had consulted with experts and found some out-of-syllabus questions.
Reportedly, the secretary also gave assurance that such questions would either be cancelled or the marks’ weightage of the questions within the syllabus would be increased or compensatory marks would be provided.
He said the secretary did not disclose the procedure in detail but assured them not to worry, saying the commission would do justice.
When the results were out on the same night and he qualified for the mains, the candidate said, “I was sure the commission had addressed our grievances.”
However, he lamented that, apart from the geography Series-C result, the issue is getting bigger by the day.
“Even after clearing prelims our mind is not in peace, I cannot concentrate on my studies because of this issue,” he said, while also questioning all parties involved: “Is it our fault that we attempted more questions or did a lot of hard work? Is two times not enough to prove our worthiness, and are we knowledge testing machines?”
Reiterating that both parties come to an amicable solution, the candidate appealed for dropping the idea of fresh examinations, saying “it is totally illogical and against the fundamental rights of candidates that have cleared the prelims.”