Re-conduct exam

Dear Editor,
There is no doubt that any prelims qualified aspirants would write in favour of APPSC. But we have not forgotten these aspirants; last year these same aspirants were the one who have spear headed against APPSC about plagiarism, error in questions, out of syllabus questions and off course against infamous “easiest subject geography”. The geography opted aspirants didn’t protested back seeing the anomalies made by the APPSC. Without any fault of geography opted aspirants, they were made to reappear for the prelims exam this year.
But sadly, when the APPSC has repeated the same blunder this year instead of criticizing the commission these same aspirants who have previously fought against APPSC are now demoralizing the deprived aspirants. Most astonishingly the same who’s who that has supported the last year deprived aspirant didn’t utter a single word this time. We have already cleared all doubt that we are not against the qualified aspirants but against the Commissions. Now let’s distinguish between the grievances of last year and grievances of this year. Let the general public and intellectual conglomeration of our state witness this reality:-
Last year deprived aspirants protested that there were errors in question; this time we are also saying that there are lots of errors in various optional subjects. We have already submitted such mistakes in questions to the Commission.
Previous year deprived aspirants protested that Commission have copied questions from Pakistan based website for Public Administration. Similarly, this time we are complaining that 40% of Geography questions were from two topics i.e., Geographical thoughts and Human Geography and rest 60% of questions were copied from NET-JRF (UGC), 2014. Thus, there are no any differences in the grievances this year.
The fact of matter is that the Public Administration is a vast subject and it deals with syllabus for different types of administration around the world. So copying questions from Pakistan based website or any other country is within the prescribed syllabus but APPSC succumb to their demand. Whereas this year the geography questions were copied from NET – JRF (UGC), 2014, which were meant for Scholars in geography subject and not meant for civil servants. We are giving exams to become Civil Servants and not to become subject experts. In fact, the previous year aspirants have dragged the APPSC to such an extent and levelled that the Commission have copied questions from our enemy based country’s website. But we are not playing with prestige and integrity of our country. For civil servant – nation must come first.
In 2017 APPSCCE (P) exam, the deprived aspirants protested that their optional papers were tough and Geography was very easy. They sought for moderation. This time we are saying that some optional papers were very easy such as history but other subject such as civil engineering were tough. In line with previous deprived group; we are also demanding for moderated questions from the Commission. Our grievances have same contents as that of previous year.
What makes our demand more serious than previous year is in the phase wise results released by the APPSC. No any state in our country has released phase wise results for their PSC prelims exam. The same Commission has publicly accepted that they have made a blunder and that there were technical errors made by Commission’s staffs. If technical error is concerned and were rectified as claimed by the APPSC; we doubt there could be more technical errors in other subject too.
Last year many have said that they are crossing the age bar and losing the earned leave and money; we are also crossing age bar, we are also losing earned leave and money in rent and coaching classes. We too have toiled day and night and even gone beyond the syllabus.
Everyone deserves second chances in life and same goes for APPSC but the commission have not only committed mistakes twice or thrice but many times. Thus, the public must know that such constitutional body can’t repeat such mistakes for prolong time. The Commission can’t show partiality to anyone by accepting grievances of one party and refusing other party.
We demand equality and equity for all aspirants. Both government and public must witness our grievances. The Commission cannot violate fundamental rights enshrined in the article 14 of Indian constitution.
A civil servant aspirant must have guts to call a spade a spade. If one can’t sense the anomalies and blunders of the Commission then how such aspirants can administer genuinely in future. If foundation itself is shaken then there is no guarantee for superstructure. Even if CSAT or Prelims exam is re-conducted; those deserving will still made it to final. Why to worry?
It is heard that Commission will go ahead for mains exam. If commission goes ahead without addressing the anomalies and discrepancies; we will knock every door for justice on earth and in heaven. The APPSC must re – conduct the exam in tune with UPSC pattern like CSAT.
A frustrated aspirants