Stop reckless creation of new district

The government of Arunachal Pradesh has created three more districts namely Pakke-Kessang, Lepa Rada, and Shi-Yomi. At present the state has 22 districts. The creation of new districts is prerogative of state government but they should do with proper planning. Earlier also several new districts were created but government has failed to provide sufficient fund to set up required infrastructure. Infact some of the districts have alleged state government of neglecting them. This mindless decision to keep on creating new districts every year will dearly cost state in the long run.
The new districts should be created purely on the basis of needs of the people and not for the political gains. Also it should make economic sense too. But sadly government of Arunachal does not seem worried about economic issues and is creating new districts merely for political gain. For a state like ours which depends on central grant to run it is a huge risk to create so many districts. New districts will require massive infrastructure and manpower. From where will government manage fund? It is already struggling to cater to the needs of existing districts and one wonder how they will accommodate the new ones. Also by recklessly agreeing to the constant demand of new districts, the state government is creating a Frankenstein monster which will only come back to haunt them in the future.