Redirect strategy

Dear Editor,
This is in response to the article ‘Discrepancies is even larger this monsoon season’ in which the writer questioned my write-up published on 29th.
At first, his/her arguments were absurd and the writer has confused the domain of geography and physics. Still, I believe that any aware aspirants would know about ‘Hadron Collider experiment’ which is used to discover ‘Higgs boson or the ghost particles’. The writer has stretched it too far (still it won’t be irrelevant if asked). Let’s not delve into details.
Second, the writer is wrong in inferring that the topic: “Regional Geography of North-East India with special reference to Arunachal Pradesh” is restricted to Arunachal Pradesh solely. Instead, one can infer easily that he/she need to study the “geography of North-east” with a special focus on Arunachal Pradesh.
How is one supposed to understand the geography of Arunachal Pradesh, by isolating it from the North-East and without having known the geographical nuances of the North East or India, it exists as a symbiotic whole. If you are doing it, you need to redirect your strategy.
Most importantly, if one is making a clarification on ‘out of syllabus’ in a paper; he/she should prove it by taking “question” from that question paper which is at hand. There, is no point in inventing, absurd and normative questions, as it doesn’t make any sense.
I believe there is no scope for illogical and unscientific theory building and inventing questions.