Don’t make mockery of the commission

Dear Editor,
We want to express our rationale view regarding the fiasco over APPSCCE 2018 prelims.
We have been witnessing whole issues and points of aggrieved aspirants since day one. We have empathy and sympathy with aspirants who feel that they have been deprived . But, as per our observation, the commission is doing its best to ensure that merit prevails. Declaration of 2nd phase result is welcome step and it makes us sure that the commission is ensuring that no stone is left unturned to maintain its integrity and responsibility.
Question after question and representation after representation have been trending these days. If your points are really genuine and legally valid, the remedy lies on the court. Court will ensure justice.
In any competitive exam, we should always keep in mind that there is no concrete syllabus; everything is interconnected and interrelated so we have to prepare smartly.
It is pertinent to observe that no state civil service commission across the India is impeccable. They have done trivial technical error inadvertently at some point of time and they do re- rectify it.
It seems that the demanding of re- conduct and introduction of CSAT in mid way preparation is completely a matter of illusion and therefore illogical.
Hopefully, the commission will complete its stipulated Mains exam on time.