Chaotic medical college allotment process

Dear Editor,
Medical seat allotment has seen quite a lot of confusion; at least common public has observed it so. It is very easy and convenient for the Medical Directorate and the concern Education Directorate to say that the late seat allotment of central pool has created the chaos.
Students who were already admitted in medical colleges and allied institutes were called back for giving choices of colleges based on merit and so on.
We don’t have much knowledge to challenge the technical reasons these departments put forward. Period.
But the serious impact of these is that some students who really needed the allotment in time must have missed the train. Even after giving the authority/allotment letter to join an institute has been denied admission; giving flimsy reasons.
We do give the concession that this may be for the first time due to opening of TRIHMS and late allocation of central pool seats but the impression has been created that the Directorates have not handled it ably and that, too many adjustments were done to favour some people.
Pray that educated Arunachalese officers set right precedents.
An Aggrieved Parent